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Pennsylvania Senior Games Results for 2012 Pickleball Competition


Events:  (Important Note:  In the PA Senior Games’ flyer, pickleball events and times were listed incorrectly.  Please refer to the times listed below to register.  Do not forget to list your partner on the registration form (first and last name) for gender doubles and/or mixed doubles.  If you do not have a doubles partner, write that you need a partner.

Female and Male Singles
Female and Male Doubles
Mixed Doubles

Location:  Friendship Center in Harrisburg, 5000 Commons Drive, 717-657-1547


Thursday, July 26               

9-12 - Male and Female Doubles
1-5  - Mixed Doubles

Friday, July 27                      

9-12 - Carry-over Doubles Matches/Singles Begin
1-5  - If needed, Singles continued

Note:   Inasmuch as this is the first time pickleball has been offered at the Senior Games, match times will be determined based on the number of entries received


Entry Regulations:
A player may not enter the same event in two different age divisions. 

The competition will be a single elimination format.  Matches are based upon the best two out of three games. All matches will be best of three 11-point games, unless otherwise indicated by the Pickleball Coordinator.  If the score is tied, one (or a team) must win by 2 points. 

Sport Rules:

  • Courts will be defined and rules will follow those as prescribed by the International Federation of Pickleball, Official Tournament Rulebook, January 15, 2012 revision.
  • A tournament-approved (IFP/USAPA) pickleball, the Mach-Z/Finesse will be used for the games.  Balls will be provided. 
  • Check-in time will begin at 8:30am.
  • Competitors should bring their own paddles.  However, the Friendship Center does have wooden paddles. Note:  There is a certain amount of glare on the Friendship Center’s gym floor.  The Center’s staff will attempt to reduce the glare during game times.  However, you should be advised that this problem does exist.
  • Thirty (30) minutes has been estimated for each match. Because the time is an estimate, please be ready to play 30 minutes ahead of time. If time is limited, due to the large number of entries, the coordinator reserves the right to reduce points played per game in order to accommodate all the matches but in any event games will not be less than 7 points.
  • This is not a drop-in sport.  You must be registered and on the schedule to play pickleball.  The only variance to this rule will be if an individual who requests a partner does not have one.  I will look first among registrants for a partner.  If none is available, I will look for a partner among an unregistered candidate.  If none is available, I will be unable to accommodate a person’s request for a double’s partner. 
  • In cases of an age category difference, a player can play down in a younger age group, but a younger player cannot play up in an older age group.
  • Each player or team is expected to call faults honestly.  If conflict ensues, one or more referee may be requested to officiate the games.  The referee’s decision is final.  Referees are empowered to issue warnings and call technical fouls.


Water and Snacks:
The PA Senior Games do not provide water.  However, snacks and water are available in vending machines at the Friendship Center.

Randy Pellow
Pickleball Coordinator