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NATIONAL QUALIFYING SPORT First, Second, and Third place finishers qualify for NSG


Pennsylvania Senior Games Results for 2012 Tennis Competition





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Entry Regulations

· If you need to withdraw after July 9, please notify the PA Senior Games office 1-888-445-4559 ext. 25.


· A player may not enter the same event in two different age divisions.

· Doubles entrants with partners must give their requested partner’s name on the registration form.

· If the entrant does not have a partner but wishes to play, it should be indicated on the registration form and the coordinator, if possible, will pair the entrant with someone.

· A $1.00 fee per person per tournament event (payable at the courts) for USTA approved extra duty balls will be required.

· In compliance with National Senior Games, we are encouraging Tennis players to limit themselves to  two (2) events.

· If entering a third event please circle it on your application form, and you will be informed when you call for your start time, whether a third event is possible.



· A best of three sets, single elimination, 12-point tiebreaker format will be used throughout in accordance with USTA rules.

· Competition will be held on the outdoor hard courts.


Sport Rules

· Players must leave a local phone number with the coordinator at the courts prior to your first match, to be used in event of time weather changes.


Sport CoordinatorS- Coming Soon